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Being Aware of Workers’ Compensation Deadlines

“Did you Know?  There are Deadlines with Filing for Workers’ Compensation.”    The Workers’ Compensation Law is designed to protect an injured worker by providing them with lost wages and medical coverage for treatment of their work-related injuries. If an injured worker sustains a permanent injury, the law may also provide for cash payments. In order […]

Section 32 Waiver Agreements

When a worker becomes injured or ill because of their work, the Workers’ Compensation Law protects them. The law provides an injured worker with lifetime medical coverage for their injuries as well as the right to receive payments for lost wages and, when permitted, permanent injuries. However, the Compensation Law also allows an injured worker […]

How are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Calculated?

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Most people know that when you cannot work due to a word-related injury or illness, they can receive workers’ compensation benefits.  However, how those benefits are calculated can be confusing. In this article, we will explain how your benefits are determined. When the workers’ compensation board awards lost wages benefits to a worker, they must […]

FOA Wins Comp Claim for a Client Who Was Stuck by an SUV While Walking to Work

The workers’ compensation law states that generally, accidents that happen outside of work hours and are not at the workplace, are not covered. Thus, if you are traveling to or from work and are injured, your injuries may not be covered under the workers’ compensation, because you are on your personal time. However, when an […]

Can You Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits for PTSD?

Workers who have suffered post-traumatic stress, anxiety or a mental injury at work may be entitled to the protections afforded by the Workers’ Compensation Law.  Oftentimes, workers feel emotionally stressed from doing their job and we get many questions from people asking if they can file a workers compensation claim.  It is important to note that there are different types of emotional stress […]

How An Injured Worker’s Off the Job Accident Was Compensable by Workers’ Compensation

When we think of workers’ compensation claims, we commonly think of accidents that happen at the work location during a normal work hours.  Recently, however, the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court addressed the issue of an accident that happened outside the workplace after a worker’s shift had ended.    In that case, a laborer had signed […]

A Plaintiff’s Multiple Exposure to COVID-19

An employee of the NYS Police retained FOA for representation in a Workers’ Compensation claim after she was exposed to the coronavirus on 3 separate occasions at work.   The workers’ compensation insurance company controverted the establishment of the case.  After the first exposure, the claimant was required to quarantine for two weeks, however, since she […]

A Food Service Worker’s Slippery Situation With Workers’ Compensation

A claimant who is a Food Services Coordinator in Upstate New York injured his back, neck and shoulder while lifting frozen turkeys at work.   The New York State Workers’ Compensation law requires an injured worker to give notice to their supervisor within 30 days of their workplace accident or within 2 years if they have […]