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Shift Worker Health and Safety

According to a recent article from Safety + Health Magazine, there are nearly 15 million Americans who are “round-the-clock” shift workers.  Due to this line of work’s “round-the-clock” scheduling, it presents many potential health risks to workers.  Some telling information and statistics about the dangers of shift work: Research studies link shift work to adverse health […]

Pat Logan Celebrates 45 Years with Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP

Pat Logan, Esteemed Support Staff Member, Celebrates 45 years of dedicated service at  Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP.   Well, What does 45 years of service translate to? 540 Months 2,348 Productive Weeks 16,436 Energetic Days 394,464 Supportive Minutes and counting… During Pat’s  tenure in the New York Office, Pat has worn many hats and continues to […]

New “Cancer Bill” for NY State Volunteer Firefighters Goes Into Effect

New York State has nearly 100,000 Volunteer Firefighters.  They have been trying to get a “Cancer Bill” passed for many years and it was finally  passed by Governor Cuomo on January 1, 2019. The bill is a gap insurance policy and is paid for by local taxpayers.  Every volunteer fire department is required to carry […]

FOA Successfully Combats Misconduct Case for Long Time Union Employee

FOA has recently secured a decision from the American Arbitration Association that found a 14 year union member as not having been guilty of the acts of misconduct alleged against him. At issue was whether the member’s requests for reimbursement for travel expenses incurred in 2016 were fraudulent. The arbitrator’s decision was based primarily on […]

New Bill To Protect Health Care & Social Service Workers from Workplace Violence

According to a recent Workplace Health and Safety Blog from the AFL-CIO, a new Bill is being proposed to protect Health Care and Social Service Workers from workplace violence. Nurses, emergency room doctors, social workers, psychiatric facility aides, and other health care and social service workers face workplace violence on a daily basis.  This often […]