Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP (FOA) has sixteen offices across New York State as well as offices in New Jersey and Connecticut. FOA attorneys attend Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability hearings at the hearing location closest to the client’s home or work. No matter where you live or work in New York State, an attorney will be able to represent you. Our Personal Injury attorneys provide representation in all of the courts in New York and New Jersey. If you already know the name of your attorney, scroll down and you will see a list of all Fine, Olin & Anderman attorneys. Simply click on that attorney's name for access to his/her profile. The bottom section of this page, called "Of Counsel Attorneys", lists all of the Attorneys that this firm may consult with on many of the legal issues we encounter daily.

Indicates accredited attorneys who represent Veterans across the nation in their appeals for VA benefits for current medical conditions caused by their military service.

Of Counsel

  • Brian D. Acard
  • David Akerib
  • Levi M. Albert
  • Gustavo W. Alzugaray
  • Linda Armatti Epstein
  • Kenneth Bartlett
  • Marc C. Becker
  • Greg Blankinship
  • Robert E. Borrero
  • Frances M. Bova
  • Robert J. Camera
  • Kara L. CampbellVeteran
  • Duncan W. Clark
  • Christine ClemensVeteran
  • Marie M. DuSault
  • Michael FeldmanVeteran
  • Jeremiah Frei-Pearson
  • Elyssa M. Fried-DeRosa
  • Kenneth B. Fromson
  • Raye D. Futerfas
  • Narine Galoyan
  • Todd S. Garber
  • Michael H.Glassman
  • Levi Glick
  • Melody A. GregoryVeteran
  • Antonio Grillo
  • David E. Gross
  • Ann R. Johnson
  • George A. KohlVeteran
  • Victoria Leib Lightcap
  • George M. Levy
  • Lawrence D. Lissauer
  • Nicholas Maiorano
  • Cynthia M. Maurer
  • Nancy Y. MorganVeteran
  • Vincent Pastore Veteran
  • Marshall P. Richer
  • Joseph P. RonesVeteran
  • Ronald Rosenkranz
  • Sharon A. Scanlan
  • James W. Shuttleworth
  • Andrew Spitz
  • Elizabeth A. Wolff
  • Mary Ellen Wright

Senior Counsel