Client Testimonials

FOA has over a half century of expertise in providing legal services to union members and their families throughout New York State. FOA prides itself on advocating for the rights, benefits, and well-being of injured workers and their families and has a proven track record of success.

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FOA Attorney Justin Cinnamon, Esq. and the rest of my FOA legal team were great.  They were there for me to answer my every question and made a difficult process virtually stress free.  Justin did a fantastic job!  My Legal Assistant Carol Lahey was excellent as well.

Clydell S

Thank you FOA, especially to my Attorney Kevin Burgess, Esq. and Legal Assistant Tiana Baxter, for all your help!  I tell everyone that I would not have gotten so far without your firm’s guidance and representation.

Stephen M

I’m writing to express my sincere gratitude for all the hard work of Nilsa Perez on my behalf in handling my case. I appreciated her personal interest and close attention to detail (in a time where there is so much that could distract one – due to the challenges the pandemic has brought upon us). Employees like this are truly valuable and a testament to your professionalism.


Legal Assistant Tiana Baxter was fabulous! She was kind, available, explained things well, and made me feel like I was not going through this alone. She is extremely knowledgeable and a great asset to your firm.

Denise C

I found FOA Attorney Kevin Burgess and Legal Assistant Emily Fauci to be very professional, polite and patient with me. I know at times I can be quite detailed and lengthy and ask a lot of questions, not once, did either individual rush me or make me feel like I was bothering them. They alleviated my anxiety which really does go a long way for the client.

Cheryl T

FOA Attorney Rodrigo Arcuri was very well prepared and good at instructing me on the process. He was very helpful and I am grateful for his assistance.  I am very grateful for my Rodrigo’s expertise and courtesy.

Linda H

I wanted to personally acknowledge Legal Assistant Nilsa Perez. She took the time to explain every step of the process and also to help me understand it. From beginning to the end, she was a great help.

James L

I cannot be more satisfied with the way I have been represented by my legal team. All of my questions are answered with immediate responses. Attorney Noreen Tuller has guided me every step of the way and has always put me at ease. Attorney Paul Walker was sensational at the hearing and represented me with much professionalism. I spoke with Mr. Walker prior to the hearing and his explanation of how the hearing is done was right on point. I want to end by saying the people and Attorneys who have represented me are very professional and understanding.  I am very satisfied with the Law firm of Fine, Olin and Anderman, LLP.

Kathy E

I am extremely satisfied with the expert counseling of my Attorney Paul Walker, Esq.  He is patient and has no issues with clarifying any questions I have.

Rennie H

My Attorney David Stauber, Esq. and Legal Assistant Emily Fauci have been easy to contact.  They are both extremely courteous as well as knowledgeable!

Michel G

My Attorney Paul Walker, Esq. and Lega Assistant Sarah Vega answered my questions and returned my calls very quickly.

Lena B

My Attorney Paul Walker, Esq. is a very easy to understand lawyer.  He is always very respectful to me and goes out of his way to make be feel at ease during challenging times.

Victor E

Just want to say that my experience with my lawyer Noreen Tuller, Esq. and legal assistant Desiree Dimichele exceeded my expectations.  They were well prepared for my case and were both very knowledgeable, highly efficient and professional.  I am very happy with the representation I received on my workers’ compensation case.  I am blessed to have a team like them.

Octavio C

My Attorney Robert Seidner, Esq. and Legal Assistant James Rand are absolutely wonderful, thank you for all that you guys do!

Joseph P

Working with FOA made filing for Social Security Disability (SSDB) a stress free and calming experience. The FOA staff is very caring and supportive. My Attorney Pamela Thomas, Esq. and Legal Assistant Nilsa Perez were always checking on me. Thank you to everyone involved!

Adam R

I’m very pleased with FOA, and most appreciative when attorneys are in touch with me in regards to my case. It’s a very stressful time in regards to my injuries and inability to return to work. Knowing the attorneys are supporting my claims, is genuinely appreciated. Vincent Rossillo, Esq has been fantastic and supportive any time I have needed to reach him.  There was another attorney I recently spoke to, I believe it was Paul Walker, Esq. He truly understood my PTSD related to my three assaults by patients at work. It’s become so difficult to function at work. Paul understood this when I had a chance to explain it.

Julia K

I have never had to apply for Workers’ Comp before and was not sure of the process.  This has been a good experience.  Many thanks to everyone who worked on my case.

Holly H

I want to thank my Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. and Legal Assistant Tianna Baxter.  I gave all my information a week before my hearing and they came through for me. I couldn’t have hoped for anything more.

Annmarie V

My Attorney Stephen Heath, Esq. is the absolute best!  There is not anything I can say that can be improved.  Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP was amazing!

ChinaAnn R

FOA Attorney Dave Stauber, Esq. and Legal Assistant Carol Lahey were fantastic to me.  I can’t say enough good things about this very professional and friendly legal team!

John A

I have worked with other law firms in the past and in my opinion, FOA is excellent!

Deborah I

My Attorney Robert Seidner, Esq. and Legal Assistant Sarah Vega fought for my rights.  They were such advocates for me and were truly looking out for my best interest.  They explained everything to me and were just so great.

Naby M

The entire team has been very straightforward with me when communicating and informing me of my rights.  My legal team has also shown extra compassion with dealing with my case. The attorneys on my case have been outstanding with with their high level of communication and dedication.  I am quite impressed.  The case is lengthy but it has been very smooth. I would recommend Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP  to anyone,  especially when dealing with a work related injury.  FOA Attorney Kevin Burgess has been outstanding with informing me of the status of my case.  Legal Assistant Maya Gonzalez is also amazing and is always in touch with me.  Dealing with my injury has been lengthy and I still have pain and discomfort.  However, I know that I have the best legal team fighting for my rights.

Andrew M

Everyone that I have dealt with has been outstanding. I always refer friends and family who are in need of a lawyer to FOA!

Terry M

Everything went well with my case.  My Legal Assistant James Rand was very helpful and returned all my calls in a timely manor. I have worked with James in the past and he has been very helpful.  He answered all my questions and assisted me with all the necessary paperwork.  FOA has exceeded my expectations once again!

Thomas A

I felt so confident about my case with my Attorney David Stauber, Esq. and Legal Assistant Emily Fauci.  I have referred both my son and his father to FOA.

Valerie O

My Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. was outstanding and answered all my questions.  She is an excellent communicator and is very understanding.  Thank you Noreen for your help.  I greatly appreciate it.  Noreen went ‘above and beyond’ for me.

Kathy E

My Attorney Robert Seidner, Esq. and Legal Assistant James Rand are just great.  They are very professional and truly make a good team.

Michelle P

Everyone from My Attorney Howard Lipman, Esq. to my Legal Assistant Mia McCarthy have been extremely helpful. I could not ask anymore of them.  FOA has exceeded my expectations.

Scott A

I feel that my Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. and Legal Assistant Desiree Dimichele have been amazing. They are careful to make sure I always understand what is going on in my case.  Noreen is a very thorough and attentive attorney.

Marie W

My Attorney Paul Walker, Esq. was very professional and served as a real advocate for me. I am so grateful for FOA.

Marie B

My Attorney David Stauber, Esq. represented me very well.  FOA exceeded my expectations.

Diane R

I am very satisfied with your services so far.  I would recommend your firm to others!

John P

The videos and materials sent to me provided great insight on what to expect with my case.  My Attorney Justin Cinnamon, Esq.  and Legal Assistant Carol Lahey answered all of my questions which helped me anticipate behavior of insurance carrier.

Iris C

I would and have recommended FOA Attorney Howard Lipman, Esq. to everyone. He does an excellent job. I am very impressed with the service provided by your firm.

Glenn D

FOA Legal Assistant James Rand has been amazingly helpful, courteous and very responsive to get back to me.

Meryl W

I think your firm does an amazing job. I talk very highly of Fine, Olin &  Anderman, LLC.  I have even referred a couple people to you already.  I just want to thank my whole FOA legal team for taking the time out to represent me.  I am so grateful to have you guys helping me .

ChinaAnn R

My experience with FOA was great! FOA Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. kept me well informed.

Eric J

The FOA team is straight forward.  I have the utmost confidence in them because I know they always have their clients in mind.

Darryl K

My Attorney Rob Seidner, Esq. spoke with me before my hearing and explained to me what I should expect.  Robert explained the different directions we can take at the hearing and also provided his recommendation.  I went with his recommendation and was very pleased with the outcome.

Bob C

My Attorney Paul Walker, Esq, and Legal Assistant Mia McCarthy are always going the extra mile for me.  If my legal team does not have the answers, they find them right away.  Mr. Walker always speaks to me before and after each hearing.  Thank you for the legal team of professionals you have assigned to me!

Greg S

I switched to FOA after being with another firm for  2.5 years.  In the short time I have been with FOA, the firm has done more to address my concerns and have been far more responsive.  Glad I switched to FOA!

Robert T

My attorney David Stauber, Esq. has been nothing short of amazing!   He is the only reason I know what’s going on with my case.  David has always been friendly and has helped me understand what’s going on in my case and what happens next.  I would recommend him any day to anyone.

Melisa A

I feel that all parties involved in my case have done a fine job – especially the confidence that my Attorney Stephen Heath, Esq. displayed during the pre-hearing. Thank you for what you do.

Glenn D

Justin Cinnamon, Esq. is a good lawyer – I love him!

Maxine M

My Attorney Carl Raffa, Esq. was great.  He spent time explaining the process.  FOA has exceeded my expectations.

Joann N

This was my first ever court hearing for a matter like this and I must say that I am very pleased with FOA Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. and Legal Assistant Desiree Dimichele.

Leeola W

FOA Attorney David Stauber, Esq. and Legal Assistant Carol Lahey have been excellent.  They are both very knowledgeable, professional and caring to me.  I have nothing but good things to say about both of them.

John A

FOA Attorney Dave Stauber, Esq. and Legal Assistant Carol Lahey have been excellent.  They are both very knowledgeable, professional and caring.  I have nothing but good things to say about both Dave and Carol.  FOA has exceeded my expectations.

John A

Thank you to my legal team:  FOA Attorney Pamela Thomas, Esq. and Legal Assistant James Rand.  James Rand kept me well informed about every major step in my case and Pamela Thomas answered all my questions.  My case was resolved quickly and in my favor.  I will recommend FOA to friends and family.

Glenn H

FOA Lawyer Karen O’Brien, Esq. and the rest of my legal team responded to my calls and questions clearly and with the utmost courtesy.

Thomas D

I would give my friends FOA’s number to call if they got hurt.

Nancy D

Attorney Howard Lipman, Esq. is a great lawyer. He always calls me before and after a hearing to see if I have any questions. I have had Howard as my lawyer for years. I wouldn’t choose any other lawyer to represent me ever. He is the best lawyer I ever had.  He is always there for me and he returns calls promptly. He also never thinks any question I have is too stupid to answer.  Mr. Lipman takes the time to explain everything to me and has been incredibly helpful!  I feel lucky to have Mr. Lipman represent me.

Marcel P

Carl Raffa, Esq. was very professional and has provided excellent service.  FOA has exceeded my expectations!

Ling L

I have already recommended Howard Lipman, Esq. to family members.  He is amazing!  My family is happy they decided to retain Howard as well.

Heather G

I appreciate having FOA Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. and Legal Assistant Mary Gonzalez working with me through this difficult time in my life.   Thank you to my legal team for all your time and concern.

Kasiya L

FOA Attorney Patricia Fontaine, Esq. and Legal Assistant James Rand took their time with me and made sure they answered all my questions.

Jonathan B

FOA Attorney Kevin Burgess, Esq. is an exceptional lawyer and does great work.  It was a pleasure to work with Kevin and he was there 100% of the time for me.

Paulette F

The representation I have received from my FOA legal team has been great.  My legal team has helped me manage a very painful, difficult and life consuming case.  Even with all the ways the laws over protect corporations in New York State, my legal team has still managed to fight and win and get me the treatments I need.  I have nothing but respect and gratitude for FOA!

Richard M

FOA’s service has exceeded my expectations.  Thank you to my wonderful legal team – Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. and Legal Assistant Carol Lahey!

Mark C

My Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. was excellent.  She was an advocate for me.  I hope she will represent me again.

Isola W

Many thanks to my Attorney Howard Lipman, Esq. for everything.  I really appreciate you.

Jennifer M

FOA has exceeded my expectations.  Everything went very smooth.  Legal Assistant Mary Gonzalez was wonderful to work with and very good at answering my questions.

David Y

FOA has exceeded my expectations.  FOA Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. and Legal Assistant Carol Lahey are doing an excellent job.

Zsigmond M

I would like to thank FOA for a great experience. I would like to personally thank my Legal Assistant Sarah Vega and Attorneys Charlemagne Yawn, Esq. and Carl Raffa, Esq. for your help.

William O

FOA is great.  Even with the Pandemic, my calls were returned pretty quickly.  I want to thank my legal team for every thing you have done for me – God Bless!

Michael D

My experience with FOA has exceeded my expectations.  As long as I have Robert Seidner, Esq. as my Attorney and James Rand as my Legal Assistant, all is good.

Michael S

FOA has exceeded my expectations and it was a positive experience for me. The FOA Staff is always very good and courteous.  The firm walked me through the process and walked beside me as well!

John W

Just want to say thank you for helping me with my case. I have never used a lawyer before for any reason. From the start of my case, FOA Attorney Stephen Heath, Esq. and his colleagues have helped me understand my case.  Anytime I had a question, my legal team had a answer.

Shane C

FOA has exceeded my expectations.  It was a very positive experience.   Staff are always very professional and courteous.  FOA not only walked me through the process,  they walked by my side as well.

John W

FOA exceeded my expectations.  I am extremely satisfied with my Attorney Justin Cinnamon, Esq. and Legal Assistant Daniel Cruz.  I greatly appreciate their professionalism and honesty.  I cannot thank FOA enough for representing me and fighting for my rights.

Craig W

I am very pleased with FOA Attorney Paul Walker, Esq. and Legal Assistant Mia McCarthy.  They stay in touch with me and keep me well informed.  Ms. McCarthy goes out of her way to answer all my questions.   I am grateful for the legal team I have.

Gregory S

My experience with FOA has been great and it just keeps on getting “better and better” each time I speak with someone from the firm. My FOA Hearing Attorney Robert Seidner, Esq. is wonderful and Legal Assistant Sarah Vega has been incredible!  I’m in a situation that I’m not used to being in and and I have a lot of questions.  My Attorney Robert Seidner, Esq. always patiently answers my questions – even if I have already asked that question – and nicely tries to explain it to me in a different way.

Robert C

FOA Attorney Paul Walker, Esq. was very professional and I foresee him doing great things for your firm.

Richard H

I thank FOA for accepting my case and representing me. I am truly grateful and beyond satisfied with the professionalism that my Attorney Carl Raffa, Esq. and Legal Assistant Daniel Cruz have demonstrated. Thank you for a job well done!

Rachel R

FOA has exceeded my expectations – My experience with FOA Attorney Justin Cinnamon, Esq. and Legal Assistant Carol Lahey has been excellent

Kenneth R

FOA Attorney Kevin Burgess, Esq. was polite and knowledgeable.  He did a great job!

Andrea F

FOA has exceeded my expectations.  Thank you to my Attorney Kevin Burgess, Esq. and Legal Assistant Mary Gonzalez for all of their patience and support throughout this case, especially with the added burden of COVID-19. The firm has been extremely helpful to me over the years while this case was open!

Laura P

Attorney Patricia Fontaine, Esq. and Legal Assistant James Rand were both very nice to me.  They were on top of everything!  They instructed me on what I needed to do and got back to me right away.

Christopher B

FOA Attorney Stephen Heath, Esq. exceeded my expectations.  Mr. Heath definitely did his research!  I  couldn’t have been more pleased with how well my hearing went and how well he defended me.

Shannon M

FOA is fantastic. Your firm has exceeded my expectations.   Legal Assistant James Rand is great and always nice.  He gets back to me and answers all my questions.

Brandt C

I would definitely recommend FOA.  They exceeded my expectations.  I would like to thank my Attorney Robert Seidner, Esq. and Legal Assistant James Rand for their help.

Louise L

My entire legal team, Attorney Justin Cinnamon, Esq. and Legal Assistant Tianna Baxter, has been very professional and helpful.  FOA has exceeded my expectations.

Beniamino C

Great Staff – Attorney Carl Raffa, Esq. and Legal Assistant Tianna Baxter!  I am so thankful I am being represented by them!

Autumn A

I am happy with my attorney Rodrigo Arcuri, Esq. and my legal representation in my Workers’ Compensation case.  FOA’s service has exceeded my expectations.  Let’s keep it going for many more successful outcomes!

Milton C

My Attorney David Stauber, Esq.  was fantastic and I have the utmost confidence in him and his ability to represent me.

Robert C

I just want to say thank you to my Attorney Paul Walker, Esq. and Legal Assistant Mia McCarthy for doing a good job for me. Thanks to my entire legal team.

Brianna H

All the attorneys that represented me in court were perfect and they were professional in every way.

Thomas T

I have been with FOA since 1986.  Everyone has treated me with the utmost professionalism.  As of late, FOA Attorneys Karen O’Brien, Esq, and Justin Cinnamon, Esq. and Legal Assistant Dwan Ellison have all been fantastic.  FOA Attorney Pamela Thomas, Esq. represented me years prior.  I am extremely satisfied and all were very professional.  I do not see any room for
additional improvement. FOA is batting 1000%.

Christopher N

Everyone at FOA made me feel comfortable and helped me during a stressful and confusing time.  Not having any knowledge of Workers’ Compensation or how the process works, I feel that my initial interview experience with FOA Attorney Rodrigo Arcuri, Esq. and Legal Assistant Emily Fauci was handled professionally and with care.

Kimberly L

I am satisfied with the great work by my attorney Justin Cinnamon, Esq.  He has done a great job!  I appreciate his professionalism.

Craig W

I really feel very comfortable with FOA Attorney Paul Walker, Esq.  He made this experience very easy and relaxed for me.

Vicki C

My experiences with FOA Legal Assistant Carol Lahey have been excellent over the years. Ms. Lahey has been extremely helpful and efficient in helping me always. This was my first time working with FOA Attorney Charlemagne Yawn, Esq. and he was excellent.  I am pleased.

Wanda C

My past experiences with FOA have led me to expect superior service and those expectations were once again met!  Thank you to my Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq., Legal Assistant Desiree DiMichele, and the entire firm.  I would highly recommend FOA to anyone in need of legal representation.

Robert B

FOA Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. and Legal Assistant Tianna Baxter were very helpful and friendly. They both returned my calls in a timely manner.

Janie J

I believe FOA Attorney Stephen Heath, Esq. did a very good job.  I am very pleased.

Ramona P
FOA has been so helpful on my workers comp case. They are willing to go the extra mile and fight for me when I have been trying so hard for so long….they take the burden off of me and let me worry about healing. I highly recommend!
Maria L

FOA Attorney Kevin Burgess, Esq. and Legal Assistant Mia McCarthy always take my calls and get right back to me when I send an email! They explain things to me and if I don’t understand, they explain it again!  Kevin and Mia are very professional and caring.

Kathleen K

Nice job by both FOA Attorney Stephen Heath, Esq. and Legal Assistant Mary Gonzalez. I really do feel like I’m in good hands.  I know they both are very busy and have other clients but they still find the time to get back to me to answer my questions.

Grant S

FOA Attorney Justin Cinnamon, Esq. is clear and thorough. He has represented me several times and in each case, he has been prepared and confident. I am deeply appreciative. I particularly appreciate his calls before and after the hearing.

Jennifer H

It was an absolute pleasure and rewarding experience having FOA Attorney Carl Raffa, Esq. represent me at my hearing. He took the time to thoroughly explain things to me and really focused on if I understood what was going on in my case. I was very nervous the morning of my hearing, but Mr. Raffas’ pre-hearing conversation with me alleviated my worries and was like a breath of fresh air. Great Job!

Marsha B

I want to thank my legal team FOA Attorney Howard Lipman, Esq., SSDB Legal Assistant Carol Stabile, and SSDB Specialist Casey Pineda for your help, patience and support in successfully helping me file for Social Security Disability (SSDB). It was a long, intense and stressful process (especially with the added stress delay due to the pandemic) for me. Your assistance, support and reassurance helped in relieving the pressure and anxieties for me through this process.

Donna G

I would like to thank my Attorney Robert Seidner, Esq. and my Legal Assistant Sarah Vega for helping me through my Workers’ Compensation case!  I’m grateful to have FOA on my side!

Robert C

FOA Attorney Kevin Burgess, Esq. – I could not ask for a better attorney!

Michelle W. - CWA Local 1123

Both FOA Attorney Kevin Burgess, Esq. and FOA Legal Assistant Mia McCarthy have been great.  Mia is patient and helpful.  She is always working on my behalf.  Sometimes I do not understand things and Mia is always kind to reiterate and make sure I do understand . I feel she goes the extra mile.  Kevin always makes sure I am clear on what is taking place after a hearing.


Ruth B

FOA Legal Assistant Tiana Baxter is very attentive to my needs and is amazing.  She is super reliable. FOA Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. is very kind and caring.  She goes beyond to make sure i get everything i need.  She also takes her time to explain everything to me in detail. I would also like to add that i have worked with FOA Attorney Paul Walker, Esq. as well and he is super understanding and very kindhearted.  I have never had a problem reaching him. Overall, i have had an amazing legal team and feel so blessed. I have recommended FOA to plenty of my friends and coworkers.

Eleonora W

FOA Attorney Patricia Fontaine, Esq. was Amazing! I never had to ask any questions because she always fully explained everything to me. Ms. Fontaine communicated with me every step of the way. She was courteous and extremely knowledgeable about my case. She did a fantastic job representing me in court.

Patricia E

FOA Attorney Stephen Heath, Esq. has consistently done exactly what he stated he would do and I have the-upmost confidence in his ability. My case is more difficult than most because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the approach my employer chose to take regarding the matter. The first time I spoke with Mr. Heath was the day before my first court date. I was sobbing and in complete despair, but he was patient and listened to my story. It was only a matter of hours before we were scheduled to appear in court that he received my documentation, yet there was not one detail of my case that was unknown to him. The confidence I have in him allows me to concentrate on attending my medical appointments and my recovery. I couldn’t be happier or in better hands.

Brenda W

I contacted FOA Legal Assistant James Rand with some questions I had about my case. I have worked with James on a few cases in which I had acquired injuries while on the job.  James is very personable, professional and is an asset to your company. James was able to answer all my questions and actually made me feel that I had contacted a capable law firm to handle the job.

Thomas A

FOA Attorney Stephen Heath, Esq. took the time to call me immediately and help ease my anxiety. Mr. Heath spoke to me in a soothing and comforting tone.  He explained next steps and told me what a great job I did.  Meanwhile, it was really FOA that did all the work.  Definitely a law firm above all the rest!

Melissa Q

FOA Attorney Howard Lipman, Esq.  is extremely helpful and friendly.   He always has time to answer any questions I have.

Marcel P

FOA Legal Assistant Sarah Vega was very helpful and FOA Attorney Charlemagne Yawn, Esq. was great to me.   I really like him and I am thankful for his help.

William O

FOA Attorney Paul Walker, Esq.  takes the time to talk to and understand his clients’ needs and issues, and was very well prepared for my hearing. FOA Legal Assistant Mary Gonzalez addresses any questions or problems that are asked appropriately.

Andrew R

FOA Attorney Paul Walker, Esq.  took over my case towards the end. He was great, 10 out of 10. FOA Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. represented me at the hearing. She was very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks to everyone that helped me. A good experience.

Donna M

FOA Attorney Kevin Burgess, Esq. has been extremely helpful handling my claim.  He is very proactive.

Carmen P

My case was handled right away. Staff was very helpful during this time.

Cindy P

My experience with Legal Assistant Megan Kearney and Attorney Justin Cinnamon, Esq.  was great .  Every time Justin has worked on a hearing for me, the outcome has been positive. He has always offered me clear information and I have confidence in him. Justin is terrific and I look forward to having him as my representation going forward.

Jennifer H

The service has been excellent. My attorneys  Mr. Stephen Heath, Esq. and  Mr. Kevin Burgess, Esq. and Legal Assistant Ms. Megan Kearney have been very courteous, thorough and helpful during this process. If your entire staff is this good, you have an excellent organization that I would greatly recommend to anyone I know that needs WC representation.  For the amount of cases that your organization must handle, you exceeded my expectations. Keep up the fine work. You have some excellent people working for you.

Carmen P

Excellent Representation – I am going to recommend FOA to all of my fellow union members. I received outstanding customer service from my Attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. and Legal Assistants Cristina Parra and Desire DiMichele.

Derrick S

I continue to be pleased with and am grateful for the excellent help I’ve received from your firm – specifically from  my Attorney Kevin Burgess, Esq. and Legal Assistant  Mary Gonzalez. My injury left me unable to work and I’m certain that without their assistance, I would not have been able to navigate the Workers’ Comp and SSDB systems. It’s a huge relief that I now have enough of an income to support myself and ongoing medical coverage for my injury.

Chana M

My attorney Charlie Yawn, Esq. has been attentive and has answered my questions in a timely manner.

Jonathan W

I was very comfortable with my attorney Robert Seidner, Esq. He had the patience to explain everything.

Louise L

I am very happy with Legal Assistant James Rand.  He always calls me back right away and explains everything that is going on.   James is outstanding and is always helpful.  My attorney Robert Seidner, Esq. did an outstanding job at my last hearing.  Everything went my way and couldn’t have worked out any better.  I’m pleased i have James and Robert in my corner.

Edward B

Working with the FOA team has been a knowledgeable experience from everyone that has been in contact with me including my attorney Karen O’Brien, Esq.  My questions have been answered fully and explained in everyday language – not just a bunch of legal terms that the average person would not understand. My phone calls have been answered usually the same day as well as any emails.  Hoping to get this case settled soon. I had a virtual hearing due to mandatory stay at home and attorney Noreen Tuller, Esq. called me as soon as it was done to explain everything since I was not able to hear all of the hearing due to technical sound issues . I have in the past recommended FOA and will continue to do so because of the services I have received from the FOA team.

Susan B

I am very satisfied with Mr. Charlemagne Yawn, Esq. and have been very impressed with Ms. Sarah Vega whom I communicated with before my hearing. She addressed my personal/family concerns about attending an IME examination during this pandemic. I am grateful for her professionalism. In addition, I was a bit nervous during the days leading up to my first virtual hearing but Mr. Carl Raffa, Esq. called me a few days before and spoke with me for a long time explaining every detail of the goal of the hearing and answering all my questions and addressing my concerns. As a result of our conversation, I was confident going into the hearing. I was also very pleased with Mr. Carl Raffa’s representation and the results of the hearing. He called shortly after the hearing and we spoke again at length as he explained all that happened in the hearing. I am quite confident and pleased going forward with the representation I have in FOA law.

Christopher R

I would like to say that Justin Cinnamon, Esq., Rob Seidner, Esq., and Legal Assistant Carol Lahey did an excellent job. I have been working with them for the last 5 years and they are top notch professionals and I greatly appreciate the great job they have done for me. I have recommended multiple people to your firm and will gladly do so in the future. Thank you very much.

George B

It has been about five years since my disability case and I’ve been meaning to write this note in all that time. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Nilsa Perez, Legal Assistant, for helping me with this case.

Janet W

I would like to add , how grateful and extremely pleased I am. All that was done by my attorney Robert Seidner, Esq. & Legal assistant Sarah Vega was excellent thank you again!

Naby M

Both Mary Gonzalez and Kevin Burgess, Esq. have been supportive, helpful, and responsive, and made this difficult situation much easier than it might have been if I’d had to navigate it on my own. Many thanks!

Chana M

My experience was fantastic, Casey Pineda and Nilsa Perez got me thru this very difficult process.

James F

Excellent legal team, very satisfied.

Phillip S

Mr. Howard Lipman, Esq. was great at handling my SSDI case.

Marcel P

FOA treats your case with personalization and uses your documentation to get the job done correctly. All their lawyers give the upmost respect to clients and take the extra time to explain everything that happens in those Hearings that are filled with Law jargon. Nothing but positive experiences for me!

I work as Mail Clerk for a Medical Management Company in Syracuse, New York. As I was lifting a box, I injured my shoulder. I sought out the help of Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP to file for Workers’ Compensation benefits on my behalf. I was extremely pleased with my Attorney Kevin Burgess, Esq. and Legal Assistant Patricia Glick. Kevin was very informative about everything and was a real advocate for me. I would highly recommend FOA to anyone who is in need of a Workers’ Compensation attorney.

Kathy T

Having worked with this law firm since a brutal compensation accident in 2007 here’s what I can say. Throughout my entire ordeal these individuals, everyone I encountered were professional, knowledgeable and most importantly compassionate. They continually advocated for my interests and we’re phenomenal in helping me navigate the horrific worker’s compensation laws of New York. My employer and insurance company lied right from the beginning. Everyone was superior in their support, and were always available to answer any questions, or just to listen and allow me to express my frustration. They were proactive and kept ahead of my insurance company, even scheduled hearings to advance my case when the insurance company wasn’t paying. Tim, my attorney from Syracuse became my friend. He’s a no holds barred tell it like it is in plain language kinda guy. He was realistic and definitely knows his way around the nightmare system of the NYS workers compensation system. They were able to negotiate a settlement for my case and for that I am thankful. Without hesitation when I asked that they go back to the table to negotiate a higher settlement, enough to cover their nominal fees they did and we’re successful. In the end I am compensated fairly in my opinion, and now have the ability to navigate and manage my own health care without any insurance company telling me or my physicians what to do. I’m thankful for all the professional people who took the time to get my case settled. Without hesitation I would recommend this law firm.

Drew S

I cannot say enough about the excellent representation that I received through Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP. I especially wish to acknowledge Howard Lipman, Esq., for his attention to my case. Howard is always quick to respond to my concerns – however incidental. Mr. Lipman always patiently explained the legalities of my situation, and answered all of my questions without ever making me feel rushed or silly for having asked.

Cindy B

Being my first WC hearing, Mr. Rohit Kumar, Esq. knew I had no idea what to expect or say.  He explained everything to me in a confident way and I knew he was there for me, which allowed me to relax a bit. Thank you!


Trish Glick, my Worker’s Compensation Legal Assistant has been invested in me and my case from day one. She has gone above and beyond to handle all of my issues and questions, timely with extreme knowledge and professionalism. Trisha’s compassion and understanding has been a blessing during this tough time for my family and I.

Tara C

I just want to say that I was referred to the firm by my Union which is CSEA. I was assigned to Noreen Tuller, Esq. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this attorney! If not for her I would have had to struggle through some highly stressful events on my own most likely without much success. I don’t know what I would do without her council, expertise, knowledge and representation at my hearings. Kudos to FOA Law for having such wonderful attorneys such as Noreen Tuller and also her assistant, Angelina Fodera who is also always available to help in any way she can! If you’re looking for a great attorney I recommend you call them! You will be very happy you did.

Jennifer V

As my attorney for both NYS Comp claim and Social Security Disability claim, Howard Lipman was not only professional and thorough but fine representative of your firm. If anyone asks my advice on matters such as these, I will most certainly be advising them to go with FOA!

Douglas K

I highly recommend FOA for anyone dealing with a workers comp case. They fought very hard for me and made a huge difference in the outcome of my case. So give them a call and don’t go it alone and go with the Best! Special thanks to Noreen, Tracy and the entire staff at FOA.

Wayne F

I used this firm for my WC case and SS Disability case both were handled exceptionally well and professionally. My contact Dwan Ellison is always prompt with returning my calls, resolving any issues I may have. She made a very difficult time in my life so much more manageable. Thank you Mrs. Dwan Ellison for being such a caring person and committed in serving me as a client of this law firm.

Patti B

As a CWA union member I have known Marvin Anderman and his law firm Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP for over 40 years. FOA is a great union law firm and is always looking out for labor. When my wife was almost run over by a worker in a golf cart riding on the sidewalk causing her to fall on a broken up sidewalk in Stuyvesant Town – Peter Cooper Village in Manhattan. i knew i needed the injury lawyers at Fine, Olin & Anderman. After i called they sent an investigator to the scene who secured the video tape showing the worker in the golf cart. Going up against this huge corporation required a law firm that was ready to go to battle and FOA definitely was. Sure it took longer than we wanted but in the end we were able to settle the case for a very fair amount. I tell all my brothers and sisters in the union, if you need a great law firm to help you or your family call FOA.

Tom M

The best law firm. My personal case has been handled for 15 years by Ms. Zip. Never once have I been let down.  Her professional manor has solved every problem I had.

Edward W

As I was driving in Clay, NY, I saw someone tailgating me.  As I tried to pull to the side of the road to let the car go by it hit me in the rear.  At first I didn’t think I was hurt too badly, but the aches and pains never went away.  I knew I had to call a lawyer.  Fine, Olin & Anderman handled a prior work related injury where I got Workers’ Compensation so I called them again.   Everyone at FOA did a great job, especially Cindy Williams my Case Manager and the Trial Attorney Victoria Lightcap.  They always kept me informed and I was happy they were able to settle my case without having to go to court.

Richard B

I am an experienced Technician for a major Telecommunications company in New York City and experienced a work related injury. My job function requires me to work with my hands every day. Due to the nature of my work and my vast work experience, I have severe Carpal Tunnel in both of my wrists. Carpal Tunnel makes work a challenge for me and also forces me to seek out constant medical treatment. I sought out the assistance of Fine, Olin, & Anderman, LLP (FOA) to help me address this work related injury and its effects on my life. I am glad I did and would recommend FOA to a family, friend, or colleague. My attorney Don Crouch, my Legal Assistant Michael Salas, and the entire legal team treated me with the utmost care and respect. FOA made a painstaking process virtually stress free and easy.

Dale E

I am very grateful to Catherine Kraus, a Labor Liaison with Fine, Olin and Anderman for helping me navigate working with a lawyer at FOA. I had an interest in completing my Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy and due to the relationship with CSEA and FOA, I was offered a significant discount. Katherine directed me in the right direction and I met with a very good lawyer, Annie Ma, who showed great patience with me as I stumbled through the process. All of my documents are complete and I now have peace of mind regarding my affairs. Thank you, John.

John H

I worked as a Lineman for Verizon in Bethpage, New York. During the course of my work, I injured my right shoulder. I retained Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP to file for Workers’ Compensation benefits on my behalf. I was very pleased with the high level of service I received from my attorney Robert Seidner and my entire legal team. Robert was extremely professional and answered all my questions in a clear and concise manner. Robert is an asset to FOA. I would highly recommend FOA to anyone who is in need of a Workers’ Compensation attorney.

Ronald A

I was blessed to have Carol Stabile work with me on my SSDI case. She went above and beyond to make sure my benefits were secured. Her knowledge of the process was remarkable. Besides being impressed by her work ethics l was overwhelmed by the heart she put into her work. Carol always checked in on my health and the wellbeing of my family. She gave my family and l the peace to concentrate on my health while she worked on keeping food on my table and a roof over my children’s head. Thank you Carol.

Tara C

I would like to give my thanks and appreciations to the entire firm at Fine Olin and Anderman, LLP. I have used them for various cases and have always had a great experience and great results. At this time, I am presently using the firm for a workers compensation case. My attorney Justin cinnamon and my paralegal Sarah Vega are amazing and incredible. Every time I have a problem, no matter which one I call, they get back to me very quickly and take care of any problems that I have just as quick. If we’re not for them I definitely know the people at workers comp will not pay me and they would walk all over me. I haven’t lost a case thanks to Justin and Sara. I can’t not say enough great things Justin and Sara and everyone at the entire firm.

Richard P