Recent Case Results

Construction Worker Receives $3,500,000 in addition to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

New York requires owners and general contractors to provide safety devices that protect all workers on a construction site who are working from a height from falling. When they fail [...]

Truck Crash Results in $2.4 Million Dollar Settlement

Our client was traveling on the Cross Bronx Expressway when his vehicle was struck by a flatbed truck. At the time of the crash traffic was stop and go on [...]

Client Suffers Life-Altering Electrical Injuries, $2.2 Million Dollar Settlement Awarded

When a property’s conditions pose a serious safety risk to those in its vicinity, there must be proper signage and preventative measures in place. Our client was in an Erie, [...]

Negligent Building Owners Held Accountable, $1.7 Million Dollar Settlement

Our 61-year-old client was walking her dog outside of a Manhattan apartment complex when she stepped onto broken concrete and fell to the ground. At the time of the fall [...]

Trucking Company Held Accountable, $1.6 Million Dollar Settlement

When a trucking company fails to ensure the loads on their trucks are secure they put everyone on the road at risk. Our client was traveling on State Highway 390, [...]

Client Suffers Fall Down Injury on the Job, Receives $1.6 Million Dollar Settlement

Our client, a gas company employee, was at a job site when she slipped and fell on black ice.  Although weather conditions in Chautauqua, where the accident took place are [...]

Company Ignores Labor Laws, Pays $1.4 Million Dollar Settlement

When a company fails to keep a job site clean, orderly, and free of debris, they put each and every one of their workers at risk. Our 32-year old client [...]

Union Member struck by Distracted Driver, Receives $1 Million Dollar Settlement

Our client, a phone company field technician and union member, was leaving a job site in Far Rockaway when another vehicle ran a stop sign, t-boning his work vehicle. The [...]

$975,000 Settlement For Union Telephone Worker Slipped On Ice At Work

When we arrive on the job before sunrise, we expect the Company and the maintenance company would maintain the parking lot so it is not hazardous to walk across to [...]

$925,000 Settlement for Union Member Injured in Fall Down Accident

Any worker knows falling from a ladder can have devastating consequences. Unfortunately, that is precisely what happened to our client on a Suffolk County job site. He was working alone [...]

General Contractor Held Accountable For Unsafe Place To Work by Sub-Contractor – $850,000 Settlement

General contractors must provide a safe place to work for all sub-contractors. If one sub-contractor leaves a dangerous condition at the construction site and another sub-contractor is hurt, then both [...]

$800,000 Settlement Awarded to Worker Injured on Brooklyn Job-site

Our 38-year-old client was badly hurt on a Brooklyn job site. His day started off like any other, at the time of his injury he was a field technician and [...]

Truck Driver Receives $730,000 Settlement

Our client, a truck driver, was rear-ended on Dolson Avenue in Middletown, NY. The reckless driver who struck our client failed to slow down even though they were approaching a [...]

Union Member Injured by Defective Equipment, $725,000 Settlement

Defective equipment is a leading cause of preventable workplace injuries. It is vital that employers remove any defective or worn down equipment that could cause an injury. Unfortunately, our client’s [...]

Worker’s Compensation Settlement – Amount: $641,000

The law firm of Fine Olin & Anderman has negotiated a record Worker’s Compensation settlement for the family of a man who died while working.  The Workers’ Compensation Board has [...]

Fall Down Accident on Manhattan Job site, $600,000 Settlement

Our client was on a Manhattan job site that was noticeably unsafe. He warned the general contractor and foreman several times about equipment repeatedly being left scattered around the job [...]

Major Retailer Fails to Repair Pothole, $515,000 Settlement

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain their premises. This includes repairing potholes and sidewalk defects. Our client was on an Orange County, NY job site when he was injured [...]

$500,000 Settlement for Injuries From Car Crash While Working

While heading back to the Verizon garage, our client was waiting at a red light when she was hit in the rear by a truck.  In addition to securing all [...]

Chemical Burns Sustained on Job site, $500,000 Settlement

Our client was hired to aide in the construction of a concrete ramp in Watertown, NY. On the day the project was supposed to begin it was pouring rain. The [...]

White Plains Worker Slips on Ice, $500,000 Settlement

Clearing ice and snow in winter months is not optional, property owners are required to ensure they clear ice and snow in a timely fashion. Our client was reporting to [...]

General Contractor Fails to Keep Retail Worker Safe – $500,000 Settlement

When any business, including a retail store, undergoes construction the General Contractor performing the work is required to ensure the safety of store patrons and store employees. Under New York [...]

Westchester Rear-End Accident – $500,000 Settlement

Our client was driving in New Rochelle, New York when he noticed traffic ahead was slowing down. Our client lowered his speed, but unfortunately, the driver behind him wasn’t paying [...]

Reckless Driver Causes Queens Car Crash – $495,000 Settlement

Our client, a 48-year old MTA bus operator and volunteer fireman was stopped at a red light on Rockaway Blvd in Queens when he was rear-ended by another driver. The [...]

Union Member Injured on the Job – $475,000 Settlement

When a driver fails to abide by traffic laws, like yielding to right of way, they put everyone on the road at risk. Our client, a 36-year-old union member was [...]

Client Injured on Orange County Job Site – $375,000 Settlement

Property owners must keep their property free of defective conditions, including icy walkways.  Proper maintenance must include salt and sand during inclement weather. Our client paid the price when the [...]

Bronx Jury Finds for CWA Worker After Car Crash – Verdict $350,000

It was a routine drive back to the Verizon shop on Westchester Ave in the Bronx after a service call when a distracted driver crashed into the side of our [...]

The Power of a Workers’ Compensation Appeal: FOA Claimant Receives $30K Award & Continued Payments

Our attorneys appealed a September 2016 Workers’ Compensation decision for client William.  William was classified as having a Permanent Partial Disability and was required by the September decision to produce [...]