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Because Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP (FOA) is committed to working with union members, everything we do is to benefit the worker. Whether you come to FOA because you have been injured on the job and are eligible for Workers’ Compensation, or can no longer work and need Social Security Disability Benefits, have a Personal Injury, or need an attorney for General Legal Services or Veterans Disability Benefits, we will be right there with you every step of the way, no matter how long it takes.
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How to Apply for Social Security Disability

Prior to applying for Social Security disability benefits, we encourage you to call an experienced social security disability lawyer at FOA at (855) 314-1395, or submit the short “Do I Have A Case?” form. One of our legal assistant specialists will call you to answer questions, assist you in filling out the forms if it is determined you meet the qualifications, and guide you through the application process.

It is important that you call FOA before applying for social security disability benefits; if you are denied, an appeal must be filed within 60 days. If we already have your information on file, it will make the appeal process much easier.

In many of our offices, FOA can file the Social Security disability application for you. If you prefer, you can go to your local Social Security Administration office and apply in person; apply over the telephone by calling 800-772-1213; or you can apply online:

Some of the information you need to have when you apply:

  • The names, addresses and telephone numbers of all medical providers from whom you have received treatment for all medical conditions, both physical and mental, that are keeping you from working
  • All of the medical conditions for which those medical providers treated you;
  • A list by name, dosage and frequency of all medications that you are currently taking. Medications are important to your application, since their side effects may reduce your ability to get or keep a job.
  • In applying for SSDB, do not omit any illness/injury from which you suffer and have been treated for, including mental illness.
  • There are many other pieces of information, such as your drivers’ license, Social Security identification card, marriage certificate (if applicable), birth certificate, etc. that you will need to produce when you apply for SSDB. You will be given more specific instructions about what information is needed when you apply.

After your application interview, the Social Security Administration will review your application and will contact your treating physician(s) for information.

You may be asked to make an appointment for an examination by one or more physicians selected by the Social Security Administration. Be sure to make the appointment and attend the exam(s).