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When to Report an Injury and File a New York Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you have a work-related accident or injury or if you believe you have an occupational disease or illness, you should always report it to your employer within 30 days even if you are uncertain you will need medical treatment at the time of the incident. You have two years from the date of injury to file a claim with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. Here is how the Workers’ Compensation Board defines accident and occupational disease:

Accident is defined as: “An event, arising out of and in the course of employment that results in personal injury to the worker.”

Occupational Disease is defined as: “A disease arising from employment conditions for a class of workers, with the disease occurring as a natural incident for particular occupations, distinct from and exceeding the ordinary hazards and risks of employment. To be considered an occupational disease, there must be some recognizable link between the disease and some distinctive feature of the workers’ job.”

For occupational disease, if you or your doctor suspect that your illness is related to work, you should file a workers’ compensation claim. You do not have to prove the illness was caused solely by the exposure to a hazardous substance on the job, or solely by the specific work you do. However, you and your physician must be prepared to argue that your specific work or identified work-related exposure contributed to your illness.

Examples of occupational disease/illness include:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive strain injury
  • work-related tendinitis
  • asbestos-related diseases including mesothelioma
  • lead poisoning
  • lung/respiratory problems from chemical or dust exposure
  • dermatitis due to chemical exposure/latex allergy
  • occupational hearing loss