Christopher R

I am very satisfied with Mr. Charlemagne Yawn, Esq. and have been very impressed with Ms. Sarah Vega whom I communicated with before my hearing. She addressed my personal/family concerns about attending an IME examination during this pandemic. I am grateful for her professionalism. In addition, I was a bit nervous during the days leading up to my first virtual hearing but Mr. Carl Raffa, Esq. called me a few days before and spoke with me for a long time explaining every detail of the goal of the hearing and answering all my questions and addressing my concerns. As a result of our conversation, I was confident going into the hearing. I was also very pleased with Mr. Carl Raffa’s representation and the results of the hearing. He called shortly after the hearing and we spoke again at length as he explained all that happened in the hearing. I am quite confident and pleased going forward with the representation I have in FOA law.

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