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Product Liability

Products liability is an ever-changing area of law often involving complex litigation and expense. The devastating effect of an injury to an individual caused by a defective product often results in manufacturers being held accountable. When a manufacturer or distributor places a product into the marketplace to be used by the general public, accidents sometimes happen. These accidents are often due to defective products. If your product liability attorney can demonstrate that a product was defective and that the defect was a substantial factor in causing your injuries, then you may be entitled to product liability compensation.
Manufacturers and distributors are generally responsible for three types of product defects:

Manufacturing Defect:A manufacturing defect is an imperfection in a particular product which causes the product to fail dangerously during its use. For example, a car manufacturer that installs faulty brakes in a new car will be responsible for any injuries caused by that particular car’s brake failure.

Design Defect: A design defect may exist where a particular product, although manufactured exactly as intended, still poses an inherent danger to the user. Here, the manufacturer may be responsible for failing to adopt a safer, alternative design. For example, a perfectly manufactured silicone breast implant may rupture because its design is flawed, or an automobile manufactured exactly as intended may have a tendency to roll over because of its design.

Inadequate Warnings: Dangerous products must have adequate warnings to the user regarding their use. A manufacturer or distributor of a product who fails to adequately warn of particular dangers that they knew or should have known about may be responsible for your product defect injuries.

As you can see, the product liability laws regarding defective and dangerous products are very detailed and somewhat confusing. We are here to help. If you are a victim of an accident caused by a defective product and you believe you may have a product liability case, submit your free “Do I Have a Case?” evaluation.