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Snow and Ice Fall Down Injuries

Snow and ice cases involve special laws that limit the liability of the party responsible for clearing and sanding areas where snow and ice accumulate. Generally, the obligation to plow, salt or sand does not start until after the storm is over. Once it is over, the party responsible for maintenance has a reasonable time in which to plow, salt or sand. Once a party undertakes to plow, salt or sand, the process must be done in a reasonable fashion. There is no obligation to perfectly clear the snow and ice, only to do so in a reasonably safe manner.

As you can see, the laws regarding negligence can be very confusing and complicated. We are here to help. If you are a victim of a snow or ice fall down accident and you believe you may have a snow and ice fall down injury case, submit your free

Pictures of the defect that show how it existed at the time of your fall are critical. If you have pictures of your snow and ice fall down injury or the scene where it took place, always provide them to your attorney. If you can take photos, you should. The pictures should be taken as soon as possible after your accident and they should show the defect and its relationship to large, fixed objects such as houses, stores or intersections.