10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Injury at Your 9-5 Job

When we think of work-related injuries, we usually associate them with construction site accidents and physical labor jobs. However, computer-related health injuries are a leading cause of workplace occupational hazards. While computer usage is very common among 9-5 desk jobs, it is important to protect yourself from serious injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Follow the safety measures to ensure you are staying safe at your desk job:

1. Counter the effect of carpal tunnel syndrome: relieve yourself of the mouse and keyboard every 30 minutes. It’s important to take breaks and let your fingers and wrists relax.

2. Adjust your work station: adjust your work and the angle of the machine you are working on in a way that your body continuously maintains an unstrained and comfortable position.

3. Avoid continuous exposure to the computer monitor: this can cause severe eyestrain. Have a quality glare filter fixed on your monitor.

4. Work with a light screen background: Work with dark type of images on white or pale backgrounds. It will be easier on your eyes.

5. Place the monitor and documents so they are at the same distance from your eyes: use a document holder immediately next to the monitor. This can be good for your neck as  well so you’re not looking down for long periods of time!

6. Focus on distant objects occasionally: this will give your eye muscles a chance to rest.

7. Change your body position throughout the day: also get up frequently – every 15-30 minutes to keep the blood flowing throughout your body.

8. Use a keyboard rest for your wrists: it’s important that the keyboard is at the same level as your hands and wrists as to not strain them when you are using the keyboard for long periods of time.

9. Invest in a mouse pad with a wrist rest: These can really help from straining your wrist when using the mouse a lot.

10. Invest in or ask your company for a good chair: a good chair reduces the risk of lower back pain or injury by offering comfort and support.

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