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A Union – Made Thanksgiving

FOA prides itself on fully supporting unions – whether it be providing legal assistance to union members and their families or promoting the use of union-made in America products.  As Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and the preparations have begun, please check out the AFL- CIO’s list of union-made in America food and other Thanksgiving staples: In addition to […]

Westchester, NY Workplace Slip and Fall Settlement

Most New Yorkers are accustomed to dealing with the aftermath of winter storms- a process that typically involves spreading salt or sand prior to the storm, clearing snow during the storm to prevent buildup, and finally, when the storm ends, clearing the remainder of the snow and ice. Property management companies, entrusted with maintaining safe […]

Do Pre-Existing Conditions Prohibit You from Filing for Workers’ Compensation? Learn More About It

Matter of Pickard: The Claimants and their families received good news from the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board in the form of the Decision handed down in the Matter of Pickard. This case involved a claimant whose husband had a pre-existing heart condition. The claimant’s husband collapsed at work on November 20, 2013 from […]

The Impact of ‘Presumption’ and ‘Credibility’ on Workers’ Compensation Cases

The New York Appellate Division recently issued two decisions that highlight the issues of presumption and credibility.  One of these decisions was unfavorable to injured workers, while the other was favorable.  In the first case, the Court found the claimant’s injuries and testimony to be incredible when viewed against a surveillance video of the accident […]

FOA Strives to Attain the Best Possible Outcome for Clients: A Recent Appeal on a WC case Says it All!

The Claimant was a lineman for Verizon.  He was loading a telephone pole on a truck and injured his right shoulder.  He was unable to return to work and ultimately retired due to his injury.  He suffered with a frozen shoulder and adhesive capsulitis with significant physical restrictions.  He underwent two surgical procedures.  The insurance […]

It’s All About Notice: Giving the Proper Notice in the Workplace for Workers’ Compensation Claims

Giving timely notice of an accident to an employer may be the single most important factor in a Workers’ Compensation case. N.Y. Workers’ Compensation Law Section 18 requires that an employee must provide written notice of a work place injury to the employer within 30 days of the accident causing the injury for a claimant […]