Attention Builders! Are You at Risk of These Deadly Workplace Hazards?

Here’s a list of the most common construction site hazards and safety tips to help you avoid serious injuries:

  1. Falls from Scaffolding or Fixed Ladders: With over 50% of accidents, falls from scaffolding is the number one site hazard in the construction industry. To reduce your risk of injury, stay clear of unstable ladders and take care to keep scaffolding and ladder steps free of anything you could slip on or trip over. A solid fall protection program should be in place by your employer.
  2. Trenching and Excavating: This was found to be the most dangerous operation on a construction site. Often, these operations lead to fatalities. The primary hazard here is injury from the collapse of a trench or excavation wall. In order to avoid injuries or death while performing these takes, it’s important wear the right protective gear. Good soil analysis is a must, as well as determining the correct sloping, benching and shoring methods.
  3. Stairways and Ladder Injuries: Stairway and ladder accidents are serious enough to put a worker on sick leave for a while, although they have a lower rate of fatalities. It’s important to clear any stairway or to not leave any objects on the steps of a ladder. Make sure the ladder and staircases are sturdy before beginning any work on them.
  4. Electrical Accidents: This hazard poses a threat to electricians and engineers but also poses a threat to builders. When dealing with electricity, following the correct procedures is essential. Be sure you have taken a safety course and/or have read the manual and know what you are doing. Never operate on an electrical unit you are unfamiliar with.
  5. Unstable Scaffolding: Unstable scaffolding causes many dangerous accidents, with one in five leading to fatality. Scaffolding can be unstable if it is set up improperly, if there are damaged components, if suspended materials may have struck it, or if electrical shocks are running through it. Workers should properly set up any scaffolding and make sure each scaffold is equipped with the proper safety features, this means checking for up-to-code guardrails. Notify your employer immediately if these are not installed.
  6. Heavy Construction Equipment: Accidents due to careless use of heavy equipment are very common in the construction industry. Ground workers are at greater risk of being struck or crushed by vehicles changing direction or backing up. They are also at risk of being struck by equipment falling from buckets, backhoes or any vehicle carrying a load. It’s important to take all necessary safety precautions when working with heavy equipment. Never rush through a job. Take it slow and carefully as to not injure yourself or others.

Source: Optimum Safety Consultants