New York Governor Hochul Announces Upcoming Deadline to file for Pandemic Related Workers’ Compensation Claims

New York Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced a new outreach campaign that targets workers who contracted COVID-19 at their workplace and stresses the importance of filing for workers’ compensation benefits. The campaign focuses on educating workers about the importance of protecting their rights and filing for workers’ compensation before the two year filing deadline. Governor Hochul said, “Those still suffering from the lasting effects of this horrible virus deserve to understand their rights and to have access to assistance with filing workers’ compensation claims.” In keeping with the Governor’s campaign, the Workers’ Compensation Board will offer a series of webinars to provide basic information regarding the filing of claims.

Under New York Workers’ Compensation Law, an employee has two years from their date of accident or illness as a result of an exposure, to file a workers’ compensation claim. For those workers who contracted COVID-19 as a result of being exposed at work in 2020, the two year deadline to file is rapidly approaching. If a claim for workers’ compensation benefits is not filed within this two year timeframe, the injured worker will be permanently barred from receiving medical treatment and lost wage benefits. Governor Hochul said, “…We can ensure that those who had to work despite the risk can secure both the adequate medical treatment and lost wage benefits they deserve.”

Whether you contracted COVID-19 at work and recovered or are still suffering from the after effects of the virus, you are still entitled to a file a workers’ compensation claim. It is important to do so as it protects your well-being and secures future access to medical and monetary benefits should you ever need them. Please contact Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP at 1-800-522-9001 for assistance with the timely filing of your COVID-19 related workers’ compensation claim.