Car Care Tips for Extreme Weather

Extreme weather conditions can wreck havoc on your car and your day if proper precautions are not taken. Check out these car care tips for extreme weather conditions:

Cold Weather Tips: Look at your tires!

When the temperature drops, the air pressure in your tires will also drop drastically. Cooler air means slower molecular motion, and that causes the air pressure to drop. Invest in a tire gauge and learn how to read it. Tire pressure can affect your gas mileage, tread water, and most importantly – safety.  Keep your tires properly inflated when the temperatures drop.

Windy Weather: Focus on Safety!

Most people may not associate windy weather with harsh conditions, but wind can be very dangerous and can be the cause of some serious accidents. When the wind picks up, take care to focus on driving safely. Drive with both hands during windy conditions to keep more control of the car. Don’t follow anyone too closely, especially tractor-trailers. Keep an eye on the vehicles around you and be aware of all other objects around you.