City Launches New Vision Zero Map Tracking Traffic Deaths

Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero initiative seeks to eliminate all traffic deaths by 2024 in New York City. There have been over 200 people killed in these incidents so far this year.

The city has recently unveiled its latest Vision Zero initiative: the Vision Zero View – a comprehensive map for people to track all these traffic deaths and injuries. Access the map here.

The map gives every New York City resident access to timely information about the safety problem in their neighborhood, and what enforcement, design and outreach solutions the City is using to solve it.

The map shows everything in the city where the administration is taking various measures to reduce traffic fatalities in our neighborhoods. The map shows details about where these crashes and serious incidents are happening.

The map will also contain information on pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular fatality statistics that will stay up-to-date. The maps will also show school zones, safe streets, current safety projects, and various outreach locations.

Source: Gothamist