Construction Workers Seriously Injured When Brooklyn House Partially Collapses

Eight construction workers were seriously injured last month when they fell from the third floor of a Brooklyn building.

The workers were seriously injured while working on a decrepit Brooklyn building. The men fell from the third floor to the first floor on 1916 Prospect Place, according to Fire Department officials.

One neighbor says that he warned the workers of the condition of the house before they walked inside. “I saw a few guys go in, and I remember telling them, ‘Be careful because the building is unstable,” said Emanuel Kerns, 49, who lives next-door. “Later, I saw a guy running out to get his cellphone from his car to call 911. They were working in there. I could hear.”

Some of the injured workers were taken to Kings County Hospital. None of the injuries were life-threatening.

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Source: The NY Daily News