Cycling Deaths Have Doubled Over the Last Year in NYC

WNYC has set up an interactive graphic to keep track of all traffic deaths that occurred in NYC, accruing to Gothamist. As of March 19th, there were 45 deaths, and 10 weeks later on June 5th, there were 100. Now by October 15th there have been 200 traffic fatalities in NYC.

Of those 200 fatalities this year, 101 were pedestrians, 59 were drivers, 21 were passengers, and 17 were bike riders.

Out of the 200 fatalities, 8 were children.

Queens has been declared the borough with the most traffic fatalities this year so far with 61 deaths, followed by Brooklyn with 43, Manhattan with 27, the Bronx with 23, and Staten Island with 7.

The death toll has risen for one group – cyclists, with more than twice as many killed this year than last year.

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