Easy Ways to Ensure Fire Safety in the Workplace

Although fire safety in the workplace is the responsibility of the business owner or employer, there are some simple ways to give you as an employee piece of mind that your company premises is protected in the event of a fire.

All workplace premises must have a fire risk assessment carried out to highlight: potential hazards, who is at risk, how these risks have been reduced or prevented completely and to implement a successful evacuation plan in the event of a fire.

Fire Detection System

A fire detection system or fire alarm is a necessary way to ensure fire safety in the workplace. There are three types of alarms that should be installed in your workplace:

1.    Manual: it is not the most recommended system, but it is still OK to have manual fire alarm which is activated by someone either shouting or ringing a bell.
2.    Electric: larger premises can have an electrical system installed which uses the “break glass” boxes to activate an alert which can be heard from anywhere in the building.
3.    Automatic: these are required if there is an area of a premises which could be left empty or where they is risk of a fire starting and going unnoticed. The alarm is raised on detection of smoke.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher should be installed on all premises in order to reduce the risk of a fire spreading once it has started. Once installed, it’s important that fire extinguishers are properly maintained. Regular checks should be done every 12 months so that the extinguisher doesn’t run the risk of failure.

Fire Safety Labels

Clearly identify fire safety equipment, exits, alarms and evacuation points. This can be done using special fire safety labels which clearly highlight these safety requirements. These labels can be used to identify:

•    Fire alarm locations
•    Fire extinguisher points
•    Fire hose reel location
•    Fire point/evacuation areas

Get more simple ways on how to ensure fire safety in your workplace.