Fall to Winter Safety Reminders

Is Your Home Safely Prepared for Winter?

Are you getting ready for winter? Are you pulling out your electric heaters or starting to turn on the heat? Have you already cleaned out your gutters so they are free of leaves? Check out our blog on how to get ahead of the winter freeze by prepping your home.

Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

Have you already put winter tires on your car? Have you already checked your battery to make sure your car’s electrical system is properly charged? Here are some of the best vehicle accessories you need to have on your car for winter:

Winter Tires: when it comes to winter driving, one of the most important products for safety is winter tires. These are super helpful when traveling through snowy and icy conditions!

Antilock Brakes: antilock brakes are useful for all seasons and have been proven to save lives! Instead of causing your vehicle to lock up or skid on icy or snowy roads, this technology allows you to pump and brake.

Traction Control: this technology is designed to prevent wheels from spinning in icy, snowy or muddy conditions. It allows the four tires to have the ability to grip to the pavement. Traction control will monitor or detect when your wheels start to slip.

All-Wheel Drive: the all-wheel drive feature distributes power to each tire, unlike front or rear-wheel drive. This improves the vehicles traction and stability and makes it easier to move in snowy conditions and unplowed roads.

Have You Taken This Crash Course on Deer Safety?

Check out this interactive quiz from Geico to learn more about the habits of deer and how to avoid them on the highway. From October through January, deer-vehicle collisions are at their peak, and it’s the time of year when you should be especially alert and aware, if deer are common in your area. Keep in mind that deer are most active between dusk and dawn, periods when your vision is most compromised.