Fire Training: Why is it Important in the Workplace?

Many businesses fail to give sufficient thought to workplace fire safety. In fact, many workers are quite clueless as to what to do to prevent fires and how to react when a fire does break out. Other than the fire drill, most workplaces place little to no emphasis on fire safety.

The consequences of workplace fires can be staggering. Employers should:

Train Employees to Identify the Severity of a Fire

While a smaller fire may be combated with a fire extinguisher, a more severe fire may require immediate evacuation. Dealing with a fire in a poor manner can have horrific consequences. Employees need to be trained to identify the severity of the fire and how to deal with it and apply an appropriate response.

Train Employees to Use Fire Extinguishers

Any workplace should be equipped with fire extinguishers, but most employees on the premises are unable to operate one. Employees should be trained on how to extinguish a small fire if necessary.

Evacuation Drills

Should a fire break out, it is crucial that all employees are able to make use of evacuation routes to get out of the building as fast as possible. Maps should be placed on doors as to how to exit the building in the event of a fire. Employees should have full access to these routes and should be trained on the point of hire.

Fire Prevention

While all employees must definitely be trained to deal with a fire, it is equally important to ensure that employees are trained to prevent fires in the first place. Being diligent about workplace fire safety can save lives and property. Employers should educate employees on the proper use and store of flammable materials.


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Source: Health and Safety News