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Workers at Greater Risk for Some Job-Related Cancers at Former IBM Plant in Endicott. NY

Some workers at a former IBM plant in Endicott, NY are at a higher risk of job-related cancers than the general population, according to a new study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The study determined that deaths from several types of cancer were more common in workers at the now-closed plant. […]

15 Miners Died on the Job in the Past 3 Months but Washington is Cutting Inspections

During the last 3 months, 15 miners have died on the job. Most killed in electrical and powered haulage accidents; other fell from heights or drowned in a dredge. Although the number of miner deaths have been declining in recent years, OSHA failed to target high-risk industries like mining. OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program is designed […]

Flavored Coffee Beans & Microwave Popcorn Related to Deadly Lung Disease in Workers

A new report finds that cases of obliterative bronchiolitis in two workers are linked to a Texas coffee-processing company. Bronchiolitis obliterans is a rare and serious lung disease with no cure, except for a lung transplant. Both individuals worked at several jobs in the plant, including the “flavoring room.” This is not the first instance […]

Fire Training: Why is it Important in the Workplace?

Many businesses fail to give sufficient thought to workplace fire safety. In fact, many workers are quite clueless as to what to do to prevent fires and how to react when a fire does break out. Other than the fire drill, most workplaces place little to no emphasis on fire safety. The consequences of workplace […]

67% of People Used Bleach to Remediate Mold Post-Sandy, Problems Continue

Survey findings were released recently on the presence of mold in homes almost two years after Superstorm Sandy. The initial findings of the study, completed by the New York Committee of Occupational Safety and Health and Long Island Jobs with Justice, showed that 57% of people continued to live in a Sandy-damaged home after the […]

Six Firefighters Injured in NJ Deck Collapse

A deck collapses behind a house in Montvale, NJ last week that left half a dozen firefighters injured. The firefighters had responded to the home on Jan Court in Montvale when the deck collapses just after 9:15 p.m. on Wednesday. The firefighters were checking out the possible chimney fire that had been reported at the […]

10 Tips to Improve Welding Safety

Welding exposes everyone around you to the hazards of the job. It’s important to follow these basic welding safety tips to keep yourself and the workers around you safe while performing this dangerous job: 1.Read the Book: a welder’s operating manual contains important safety information, as well information on procedures that maximize the machine’s potential. […]