Winter Blood Drive for New York Blood Center

We held our firmwide Blood Drive to benefit the New York Blood Center on February 15, 2019.  Winter storms, frigid temperatures and the wide spread flu are making it harder for the communities of New York and New Jersey to maintain their critical blood supply.

Cancelled blood drives and reduced donor turnout through January have resulted in fewer blood donations then what is needed to meet the needs of patients in the hospitals served by New York Blood Center.  There is a continuous need to replenish blood supply.  You may find yourself asking, What is donated blood used for and who Receives our donations?  According to the New York Blood Center, this is how donations are generally distributed:

  • 34%- Cancer Patients and Blood Disorders
  • 19% – Patients with Anemia
  • 18% – Surgical
  • 13% – Other Medical Problems (Heart, Liver, Kidney)
  • 10% – Orthopedic
  • 4% – Obstetrics
  • 2% – Trauma and Road Accidents

We were proud to do our part and make valuable contributions to the community.  Our clients, neighbors, friends and family members are the patients that rely on the blood center and donors for life saving blood!