FOA Recoups PFL Benefits for Union Members

In April 2016, New  York State enacted a Paid Family Leave (PFL) Law.  Paid family leave is insurance fully funded by employees.  It provides paid time off and job protection for employees who may want to bond with their child, take care of an ill family member or help in the caretaking of loved ones who are affected my military deployment.   

FOA recently helped two CWA members recoup benefits they were entitled to receive under the Paid Family Leave Act. The union and the employees believed that the insurance company improperly calculated the amount of weekly benefits that were due.  The employees retained FOA and after filing for arbitration, FOA was successful in obtaining the additional benefits owed to them.   

FOA urges employees who are using PFL to carefully review the amounts that they receive.   Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!