Food and Your Mood

Eating regular meals and snacks stabilizes your blood sugar and your mood.  It seems that the biggest bad mood contributors are junk foods (i.e. candy, soda, etc.) and refined white starches (i.e. white bread, white rice, etc.). They may satisfy your taste buds in the short term, but they won’t positively affect your mood because they spiral your blood sugar up and down. This blood sugar volatility leaves you with a short lived burst of energy followed by a tired, cranky feeling.  Enough about bad mood foods!  Here are some foods that will boost your mood and enhance your happiness: protein, doses of Vitamin D (found in sunlight, low fat milk, egg yolks, and soymilk), Vitamin B12 (found in cottage cheese, lean beef, and salmon), and complex carbohydrates (oats, beans, pears, peas). There’s definitely a correlation between food and your mood. So, eat better to feel better!!