Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is the time to give thanks for the family, friends, and loved ones in your life. Let’s keep everyone safe this holiday by following these simple Thanksgiving Day cooking safety tips!:

1. Teach children to stay out of the kitchen on a busy day like Thanksgiving and away from hot stoves and appliances.

2. Avoid carrying babies while cooking near a hot stove.

3. With all the different dishes cooking at once, it’s easy to forget about some! Set a timer for dishes you think need it. For examples, dishes you can’t see like ones in the oven might need a timer set!

4. If you are frying or using the grill to cook a turkey, make sure you are close and are constantly keeping an eye on it.

5. Before the big day, test your smoke alarms to make sure they are all working properly.

6. If you allow your children to help out with the cooking, make sure they know the basic cooking safety tips and know how to handle knives and other gadgets.

7. Don’t rush! You’re sure to be busy and flustered if you’re cooking for a big crowd. Try to remain calm and collected. If you’re relaxed, you’ll likely make less mistakes!

8. If you are placing hot dishes on the table for people to help themselves, make sure you are using a trivet!

9. If you use buffet trays on a table or counter with fire underneath the tray, make sure the trays are out of reach of children.

10. Keep all cords coiled and away from counter edges. Make sure hot foods are away from counter edges.

We remind everyone to follow these basic cooking safety tips and to have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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Source: Safe Kids Worldwide