Holiday Party Safety Tips

Office holiday parties can be fun but they can also turn into humiliation or even tragedy when the proper precautions aren’t taken. Before walking into your office party this season, make sure you consider the following tips:

As an Employee Guest:

• NEVER drink and drive: If you know your office party will be serving alcohol or even has an open bar, get a designated driver. If you can’t find one, get a cab.

• Don’t drink too much: yes, free alcohol at holiday office parties is a good time but getting too drunk in front of the boss is not. Save yourself from the humiliation on Monday and know your limits.

• Make sure to eat at the party: If you do plan on drinking, make sure you eat something substantial to counteract the effects of some of the alcohol.

As the Coordinator of the Party:

• Consider ordering cabs: Having cabs ready for your employees after the event can ensure people aren’t driving home drunk or buzzed.

• Avoid salty snacks: Having many salty snacks out tends to make people thirsty and want to drink more.

• Offer non-alcoholic beverages: Treat the designated drivers with some mocktails!

• Never serve alcohol to employees under 21

• Plan activities and games: Keep your employees busy so they aren’t too bored and turn straight to the booze.

• NEVER let an impaired employee drive home drunk: Take their keys, call their family, order them a cab, do whatever you can to not let them get behind the wheel.

Have a fun and safe office party this season!