OSHA Construction Fines to Rise Nearly 80%

OSHA and many construction site workers agree that it is absolutely imperative to improve the safety conditions of construction sites. Data shows the number of injuries and fatalities is on the rise.

Who’s at risk?

When an employer fails to uphold basic safety precautions they place everyone in the vicinity of the site at risk. According to data from the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, Latino construction workers, and older workers sustain more injuries and fatal injuries than other demographics.

How severe is the issue?

According to OSHA workplace dangers and hazards may have doubled, resulting in nearly twice as many fatalities than in previous years.

By August of 2016 OSHA is expected to have distributed approximately 80% more fines than previous years. By identifying unsafe conditions and penalizing those responsible the number of serious injuries and fatalities will ideally decline.

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