Safety Tips for Shoveling Out Your Car and Yards

As the snowfall continues, we continuously have to shovel out our cars and out sidewalks to make it safe for pedestrians to walk. According to the Mayo Clinic, hospital emergency departments see an influx of weather-related injuries with each snowstorm.

Check out these tips for safe shoveling this winter:

If you’re inactive and have a history of heart trouble, talk to your doctor … stop if you feel tightness in your chest.

– Drink plenty of water and always stay hydrated.
– Dress warmly but do not put too many layers on that will cause you to sweat. The sweat will actually make you colder.
– Lift the snow with your legs, not your back. Bend your knees a lift.
– Don’t lift too much snow at once.
– If using a snow blower, never insert your hands or fingers into the machine unless it is off.
– Avoid caffeine or nicotine when shoveling – this may place extra stress on your heart.
– Help elderly neighbors or loved ones with shoveling out their car or yard.
– Clear snow as soon as it falls – fresh snow is lighter.


Shovel safely this winter and keep warm!