Safety Tips for Your Summer Job

As the temperature heats up and your summer job begins, remember these safety tips.

  1. STAY HYDRATED! And if need be, seek shade.
  2. If your job entails heavy lifting, be sure to enlist the help of others if you feel you are not completely confident you can safely lift yourself
  3. Be observant, remove sharp objects, cuts are one of the most common workplace injuries.
  4. Have good posture- sustaining improper or unnatural posture for long periods of time at work can have long term damage.Take “posture breaks” or stop and stretch regularly.
  5. Familiarize yourself with symbols and signs that alert a potential hazard
  6. Learn how to use any and all protective equipment at your workplace
  7. Limit sun exposure as much as possible
  8. Even if you’re not in direct sunlight you should always wear sunscreen to protect against harmful UV rays.