Skid Steer Loader Safety Tips for the Workplace

A skid steer is one of the most diverse pieces of equipment in the construction industry. It can be maneuvered into tight spaces and has a multitude of attachments that are available to complete specific job types. With the versatility of this machine in mind, there are several key safety factors to consider before or while operating a skid steer:

1.    Carefully review the loader manual prior to operating
2.    Be sure you are in the operator’s seat when you start the engine
3.    Never allow passengers in the machine with you
4.    Wear the seatbelt at all times
5.    Carry your load as low as possible
6.    Never lift, swing, or move a load over another person
7.    Avoid sudden starts and stops
8.    Never park it on a steep hill or slope
9.    Be careful not to overload the skid steer’s bucket
10.    Keep your hands and legs inside the machine at all times while in operation
11.    Never bypass or modify safety devices
12.    Be sure to identify any overhead utility wires in your work area and avoid them
13.    If you are digging, know where all underground utilities are located
14.    Never operate a skid steer loader unless you have been authorized and properly trained
15.    Always wear snug-fitting clothing that will not catch on the levers
16.    Know your blind spots
17.    Never use drugs or alcohol when operating the skid steer

Staying safe on the job is a number one priority. If you or a loved one has been injured in the job, contact us for a free case evaluation today.