Surviving Black Friday

It’s almost that time again! The day after Thanksgiving, the craziest shopping day of the year! Whether you plan on heading out at 2am or 9am, follow these tips to staying safe at the stores this Black Friday:

Surviving the Lines Outside

Dress warmly! You may be waiting outside on long lines for a while, depending on when you decide to head to the stores.

Arriving an hour early or so should be plenty of time.

Electronic stores tend to have the longest lines. You can often find the same deal at stores like Target or Walmart so check with the store first to see if they are carrying the item you are looking for.

Don’t mob a door as soon as it opens. Stay safe and be courteous to the employees and other shoppers.

Surviving the Lines Inside

Try to get in and out of the store as quickly as you can. For the first few minutes the store is open, the registers are open with little to no lines. After that, the lines may start to wrap around the entire store and it could be a nightmare and extremely dangerous!

Wait politely at checkout. Don’t push and shove other customers. An altercation is the last thing you want to happen on this busy day!

Let people pass through the line when they are still shopping. Don’t assume they are trying to cut the line. Be courteous and polite.

Keep Your Cool

Don’t allow the busyness or grumpy shoppers to derail your shopping. Keep your cool and keep to yourself.

Shouting matches and fights often break out over line cutting or the last item on the shelf. Don’t get involved. Just move on.

Be nice to employees. They are only there to help you.

For stores opening at 8pm on Thanksgiving, try getting there between midnight and 3am. You may beat most of the rush and can feel a little more relaxed and not as pressured.

Black Friday can be fun if you keep your cool and plan out your trip properly. We remind everyone to stay safe and alert on this day!

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