Tips to Keeping Outdoor Workers Safe

Many areas of the country have already experienced temperatures of 90 degrees or more. We remind employees that exposure to heat can cause illness and death so it’s important to take proper precautions when working outdoors this season.

6 Tips for Staying Safe in the Heat:

1.    Learn the Signs of Heat Illness: learn what to do in an emergency.
2.    Drink Water Every 15 Minutes: even if you’re not thirsty, it’s important to hydrate when working outdoors in hot temperatures.
3.    Rest in the Shade to Cool Down: it’s important to take frequent breaks in the shade to cool down.
4.    Wear a Hat and Light-Colored Clothing: dress accordingly for the weather!
5.    Keep an Eye on Fellow Workers: keep a watchful eye on workers so you know if they are suffering from heat illness. Again, learn the signs!
6.    Take it Easy on the First Days of Work: let your body get used to the heat for the first couple of days.

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