A Two-Second, Potentially Deadly Driving Hazard?

A quick glance at your cellphone while behind the wheel may seem harmless, but research suggests this is far from true. According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, “an in-vehicle glances as brief as two seconds can have a serious effect on a driver’s ability to notice an upcoming hazard.”

“In driving simulators, drivers who performed a secondary visual task while driving demonstrated lower hazard identification skills than those who experienced no visual disruption.”

In just two seconds, a car going 70mph will travel more than half a football field. No matter how seemingly brief the distraction is, distracted drivers are still putting themselves and others at risk. The point is that two seconds are precious when it comes to predicting danger behind the wheel. Driving a vehicle requires complete attention, so do what you can to be a responsible, safe driver and keep the hand-held device in a safe place until you arrive at your destination.

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