A Union – Made Thanksgiving

FOA prides itself on fully supporting unions – whether it be providing legal assistance to union members and their families or promoting the use of union-made in America products.  As Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and the preparations have begun, please check out the AFL- CIO’s list of union-made in America food and other Thanksgiving staples: https://bit.ly/2z8g62Y

In addition to purchasing union made food products, we can also support the folllowing AFL- CIO designated unionized food stores in New  York:  Stop & Shop, Fairway Market, Some Key Foods, Shop Rite, King Kullen, Tops, Some IGAs, Wild by Nature, Morton Williams, Holiday Farms, Food Bazaar, Food Emporiums, Gristedes, King’s, and D’Agostino’s.

FOA wishes all of our clients and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving!