Union Membership in New York Increased by 145,000 Workers in 2013

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, union membership in NY increased by an estimated 145,000 workers in 2013. NYS has the largest number of union members in the nation, with a total of 24.4% of NY workers now belonging to unions. The national average is 11.3%.
“Nearly 1 out of over 7 union members in the country lives in New York,” said Mario Cilento, President of the New York State AFL-CIO. “Our members live, work, and vote in every community across this state. Union members represent the hopes, dreams, and values of all New Yorkers.”
“While these numbers are encouraging, our collective challenge is to educate and mobilize our members to be active and vocal in fighting to make New York work for all of us. Together, we will achieve a state that invests in New yorkers, protests vital public services, and reduces income inequality.”