Unions Start Scaffold Law Protection Push

A group of unions and allies have organized a push to keep the Scaffold Law in tact, despite some businesses and other groups pushing for change to the law that drives up the cost of construction projects in New York.
Critics say that the Scaffold Law makes construction companies and property owners liable for fall-related injuries or deaths among workers, even if the worker is at fault. Supporters of the law say that it pushes contractors to introduce safety measures into the workplace.
Complete elimination of the Scaffold Law has been discussed for decades and say the statute amounts to an unfunded Albany mandate that increases insurance premiums and the cost the build public and private buildings.
Supporters say they not only want to keep the law but also want to modify it so that workers are protected even more.
The issue is expected to be among the end-of-session items on the agenda for Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers for the session that is due end by mid-June.