Westchester, NY Workplace Slip and Fall Settlement

Most New Yorkers are accustomed to dealing with the aftermath of winter storms- a process that typically involves spreading salt or sand prior to the storm, clearing snow during the storm to prevent buildup, and finally, when the storm ends, clearing the remainder of the snow and ice. Property management companies, entrusted with maintaining safe premises and preventing hazardous conditions from developing, are expected to be especially diligent when it comes to snow removal. Unfortunately, when property management companies neglect their responsibilities, innocent people often pay the price.

Our client, a 55-year old CSEA 860 member who resides in New Rochelle, was walking into work the day after a snowstorm when she slipped and fell on a large patch of ice. The property management company responsible for removing snow and ice hadn’t finished clearing the employee lot- even though the snowstorm ended the day prior. Our client sustained serious injuries in the fall, including a torn rotator cuff, which required surgery and ongoing physical therapy. Even with surgery and therapy, the injuries related to the fall limited our client’s range of motion, making it difficult to complete routine daily tasks. Our team of workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys were able to hold the property management accountable, and ultimately secured a $235,000 settlement on behalf of our client.