Winter Driving Tips

Stay safe on winter roads this year! The CSEA has provided the following safety tips for winter travel:

Don’t Zone Out

Staying off the roads in a major snow event is usually best but, if you MUST be on the road, here are some tips for safe driving in the snow.

  • Allow extra time for travel.
  • Maintain safe distances between other vehicles.
  • Don’t drive too fast.
  • Remember that snow plows move slower.
  • Never get too close or try to pass a plow.
  • Be sure to have a cell phone.
  • Don’t use cell while driving.
  • Drive cautiously on bridges.
  • (They freeze faster than roads and are often extra slippery.)
  • Never leave your car if you get stuck or become snowbound.
  • Stock your car with emergency supplies – What do you put in your car emergency kit?
  • (for example: sand, shovel, flares, booster cables, rope, ice scraper, portable radio, flashlight, blankets and extra warm clothes.)
  • Always tell someone where you are going, how you will get there and give an estimate on how long it will take you.