Winter Weather Sports Safety Tips

There are many activities to participate in around the winter season, including skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating and more! Unfortunately, the treacherous winter weather comes with the risk of injuries in young children. In 2013, more than 47,000 children were treated in ERs for injuries related to sledding, ice skating and snowboarding, and the majority of these injuries could have been prevented. So here are some simple safety tips for parents and kids to prevent these injuries this winter season:

  1. Equip Your Kids With the Proper Gear: this may include shin guards, mouth guards, and especially helmets when skiing, snowboarding or playing ice hockey.
  2. Provide Them with Plenty of Water: it’s important that your little ones stay hydrated when they are active for long periods of time. Make sure they hydrate before you head out the door and during play. Compared to adults, children are at increased risk of dehydration.
  3. Dress Your Kids in Warm Clothing: make sure they have enough layers on but not too much to make them sweat. Sweat will make them colder, which may lead to hypothermia.
  4. Use Sunscreen: yes, even in cold temperatures it is possible to be exposed to sunlight that may be harmful to your children. Make sure to put sunscreen on your child’s face every few hours.