Working at a Height – The Safety Tips You Need to Know

Falls from heights are the leading cause of construction site injuries and deaths. Here are some simple safety tips you should follow when working from heights:

•    Assessing Work at Height: assess the risks associated with the job, take proper precautions, and issue clear method statements for everyone who will work at the height.
•    Roof Work: plan safe access to the worksite and prevent falls from edges and openings using proper equipment and scaffolding.
•    Fragile Surfaces: the hierarchy of controls for working on or near fragile surfaces is avoid, control, communicate, cooperate.
•    Ladders: when using a ladder on the worksite, there are three safety issues to remember: position, control and safe use.
•    Tower Scaffolds: select the appropriate tower for the job; erect, use, move and dismantle the tower safely following all procedures. Ensure that it is stable before use and inspect the tower regularly to prevent falls.

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