Workplace Safety Tips

Here are some general precautions you should always take while on the job to avoid injuries in the workplace:

•    Never take shortcuts! Always be thorough to avoid injuries and mistakes that could cause serious injuries
•    Take responsibility and clean up if you make a mess that could harm others
•    Always follow correct procedures
•    Clean and organize your workplace
•    Ensure a clear and easy route to emergency exits and equipment
•    Be alert and awake on the job
•    Be attentive at all times
•    When in down, contact your supervisor for instructions or training
•    If you do not feel fully comfortable performing a task, ask your manager for further training/guidance
•    Report any injuries immediately
•    Obey all safety signs and procedures
•    Take short breaks when necessary

Safety is a Team Effort:

•    Educate everyone in the workplace about safety precautions
•    Always keep the lines of communication open to promote a safe work environment
•    Immediately notify others of any hazards
•    Be alert to hazards that could affect anyone, not just yourself
•    Be conscious as to what others are doing around you
•    If you’re an employer, invite your employees to ask for further training if they feel they need it, encourage them to plan safely and ask questions, give or take suggestions, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Always put safety first! Follow all safety precaution and steps to ensure safety in your workplace.

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