100 Pedestrians Killed in NYC So Far This Year

On October 3rd, the 100th pedestrian was killed in New York City in 2014, according to the Right of Way. An unidentified man was run over by an MTA bus in the South Bronx.
Although this number seems very high for less than a 10-month period, the number may actually be higher. The last set of fatality data released by the NYPD, covering 2014 through July, included a dozen fatalities that had not been accounted for previously.
More pedestrians have been killed in 2014 than any other category of road users. Other road users include bicyclists, 17 of which have died in 2014 through October 2, and motor vehicle users including motorcyclists, 80 of which have died in the same time period.
“Pedestrians remain by far the most vulnerable road users on NYC streets,” said Keegan Stephan, an organizer with Right of Way, “and the city must do much more to protect them if we are ever going to achieve Vision Zero.”
The number of pedestrians killed in NYC so far this year is baffling. It’s extremely important that we continue to teach our kids the rules of the road and pedestrian safety. It’s also important that we obey all traffic rules and regulations in order to keep ourselves safe.