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Does the New Central Park Car Ban do Enough?

A new ban went into effect Monday Morning, prohibiting cars north of 72nd street. City Councilmember Mark Levine, and Mayor Bill De Blasio introduced the ban. Reducing the amount of cars in Central Park will inevitably create safer conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, but is it enough? The southern end of Central Park is still […]

New York City’s Pedestrian Fatalities Lowest on Record in 2014

Pedestrian fatalities in New York City fell to a historic low last year following the Vision Zero push to make streets less dangerous. Last year, 132 pedestrians died, the lowest total for a year since the city began keeping records a century ago. In 2013 there were 180 deaths, the highest number in a decade. […]

Kid Un-Friendly Streets in NYC

Children in poorer neighborhoods are more likely to be injured while walking, according to Gotham Gazette. Avenue H and Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn is one of New York City’s most dangerous intersections for children. Within a one-block radius, nearly 50 individuals under 17 were hit and injured by vehicles in a seven-year period, three of […]

There Have Been 100 Traffic Fatalities in NYC in 2014

As of March 19th, 2014, there were 45 traffic deaths that occurred in NYC this year alone. Now, about 10 weeks later, there have been 100 traffic fatalities. 49 of those deaths have been pedestrians. Out of those, at least 23 were  killed while crossing the street, while 6 were killed after being struck by […]

Taxi Drivers Respond to Mayor de Blasio’s Traffic Safety Plan

In Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to improve pedestrian safety and prevent traffic fatalities, one of his goals is to shut off the taxi meter in the middle of a fare if the driver is speeding. Taxi drivers have responded to this plan rather negatively. Taxi drivers have been at the center of the debate […]