4 Ways to Stay Warm and Safe this Winter!

As snow and frigid temperatures are due to continue this week,  here are our top 4 tips for keeping safe and warm.

1. Dress warm, that means Layers! 
Keeping your core temperature warm is so important when we are faced with below freezing temperatures. Layer on clothes in order to fight the cold. Hypothermia is most likely to hit your extremities so be sure to cover your hands, feet and head!

2. Nutrition: Fuel for Survival. 
Eating healthy, high fat foods during winter help keep you healthy, and also help keep you warm! Boosting the metabolism makes the body produce more heat.  Despite common belief Alcohol actually decreased your core temperature. It can cause your body to sweat which will lower the bodies core temperature further.

3. Stop the Glare!
Wearing sunglasses in the snow is important to stop the glare. Important when walking but even more so when driving!

4. Keep Heat Constant.
Setting your thermometer to be the same temperature throughout the day and night is the best way to prevent your pipes from freezing. Letting your hot and cold faucets drip overnight and allowing heat to get to uninsulated pipes by opening cabinet doors can also help.

Stay safe!