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Takata Airbag Recall

Eleven automakers have recalled roughly 33.8 million vehicles stating the airbags installed could “deploy explosively” causing imminent danger to drivers and passengers. The airbags are linked to 6 fatalities and 100 injuries. According to “If the airbag housing ruptures in a crash, metal shards from the airbag can be sprayed throughout the passenger cabin—a […]

Nissan Recalls 768,000 Crossovers and SUVs for Separate Problems

Nissan Motor Co is recalling about 768,000 vehicles, including the Rogue crossover and Pathfinder SUV, for separate problems. Some 552,135 Rogues from model years 2008 and 2013 will be recalled because moisture could seep out through the driver side floor and cause an electrical short to wiring that could lead to a fire, according to […]

Honda Fined $70 Million in Underreporting Safety Issues to Government

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has fined Honda $70 million for failing to submit reports of fatal accidents and injuries to the government. This is the largest amount that the safety regulator has ever levied against an automaker. Honda failed to report 1,729 death and injury claims to the agency over the past 11 […]

Previous Next RECALL: Defective Airbags in Cars Including Honda

Back in September, Honda recalled 14 million of their cars made by the Japanese part supplier company Takata, because the airbags had the potential to explode and injure or even kill vehicle occupants. The defective airbags didn’t just go into Honda vehicles. They went into a variety of Japanese, American and German-made cars over the […]

GM Finds More Safety Problems, Threatening Their Reputation

Following G.M’.s announcement last week that they will recall another 8.4 million cars and trucks for a range of defects, it appears that the recall is a direct result of the company’s newfound vigilance to rooting out safety issues. But despite the company’s new roster of product investigations, the increasing number of recalls – which […]

As GM Recall Expands, GM Offers $1 Million for Victims of Faulty Ignition Switch

Last week, GM announced the recall of 8.4 million more vehicle worldwide – most of them for an ignition defect similar to the flaw that the company failed to disclose in other models for more than a decade. The company announced the recall right after they unveiled a plan to pay victims of accidents caused […]