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Toxic Chemicals Put Salon Workers at Risk

Salon workers are frequently exposed to products that contain harmful chemicals and are linked to certain cancers, reproductive issues and asthma, according to a report from the environmental health advocacy group, Women’s Voices for the Earth. These products contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene and ammonium persulfate. More than 60% of salon workers have contracted […]

Chemical Safety Should be Required, Not Just Requested

Many workers have been killed as a result of direct chemical explosion or fire. No matter what the case was, all of these tragedies were preventable. In New Jersey, at least 90 facilities in nearly every county still use highly hazardous chemicals that put the public in potential danger. At least 68 schools are located […]

Exposure to Organic Solvents and Heavy Metals in Nationwide Industries Related to Hearing Loss in Workers

Noise exposure is a well-known contributor to work-related hearing loss. Recent biological evidence suggests that exposure to ototoxic chemicals such as organic solvents and heavy metals may be additional contributors to hearing loss. Some studies suggest that the effect of noise may be enhanced by ototoxic chemicals. Therefore, this study investigated whether co-exposure to organic […]