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Creating a Effective and Positive Workplace

Work environment has a tremendous effect on employee motivation and happiness. Taking the following steps may assist in nurturing a healthy work environment, which has a multitude of employer benefits. Encourage Communication: An open line of communication amongst co-workers and supervisors creates an easier and more effective environment for everyone involved. Such situations nurture creativity […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Dangers of Lead Poisoning

What is Lead Poisoning? Lead poisoning occurs when lead builds up in the body, often over a period of months or years. Even small amounts of lead can cause serious health and developmental problems. Young children under 6 are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, which can severely impact their mental and physical development. At very […]

New Concerns About an Old Heart Drug

A recent study found that one of the oldest and most commonly used heart medications may shorten the lives of patients with atrial fibrillation, a common type of irregular heartbeat that affects about three million Americans. The drug, digoxin, is used every day by millions of people, mostly older adults. It is prescribed for heart […]

Health & Safety Hazards in the Construction Industry

Construction work is considered to have the largest number of fatalities reported for any industry sector. In fact, construction site work injuries involving contractors accounted for 12% of all fatal work injuries in 2011. About 13 workers die every day. Physical Hazards Physical hazards are present in every construction project. The leading causes of physical […]

Workers at Greater Risk for Some Job-Related Cancers at Former IBM Plant in Endicott. NY

Some workers at a former IBM plant in Endicott, NY are at a higher risk of job-related cancers than the general population, according to a new study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The study determined that deaths from several types of cancer were more common in workers at the now-closed plant. […]