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Scaffolding Safety: How to Prevent Falls and Injuries in the Workplace

If scaffolding is not used correctly and if proper precautions aren’t taken, serious injuries or even death in workers can occur. It is critical that managers and supervisors are aware of how to construct a safe working environment for its employees. It’s equally important for you as an employee to understand these safety measures, so […]

Scaffold Law Advocates Say the Law Keeps Jobsites Safe

Under New York’s Scaffold Law property owners and general contractors are responsible for providing protections for their workers. The legislation, which has been in place for more than 100 years, allows construction workers who get injured or killed on the job to sue the companies that hired them. Many non-union workers rely on this law […]

Narrow Frame Scaffolds – Minimizing Hazards

Narrow frame scaffolds are among the most popular pieces of construction equipment. Due to their versatility, many contractors use them instead of ladders because they allow workers to maintain their balance and work more easily from the platform. Minimizing Hazards Some of these hazards associated with narrow frame scaffolds can lead to injury or even […]

Supporters and Opponents of Scaffold Law Lobby in Albany

Supporters and opponents of the state Labor Law 240, also known as the Scaffold Law, came to Albany last week to engage in lobbying combat. The law specifically impacts the lives of minority contractors and workers. Scaffold Law places heavy liability on contractors and property owners for a broad class of injuries caused by falls […]