Narrow Frame Scaffolds – Minimizing Hazards

Narrow frame scaffolds are among the most popular pieces of construction equipment. Due to their versatility, many contractors use them instead of ladders because they allow workers to maintain their balance and work more easily from the platform.

Minimizing Hazards
Some of these hazards associated with narrow frame scaffolds can lead to injury or even death:
• Falls from height
• Tip-overs
• Electrical shocks
• Structural failures such as collapses

Practicing Scaffold Safety
Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, employers are responsible for provide a safe workplace.
• Only authorized users should be allowed to use the scaffold. Do not use the scaffold if you are not authorized to do so by your employer.
• If authorized to operate the scaffold, make sure you have received the proper training from your employer.
• Understand how the scaffold works and how to maneuver it.
• Report any damages to the scaffold immediately.
• Report an accidents and/or injuries to your supervisor.

Employers must ensure that workers have been effectively trained.
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