Cell Tower Worker Fatalities Continue to be Greater Than that of the Construction Industry

An investigation of the cell tower industry found that between 2003 and 2010 the average fatality rate was more than 10 times greater than that of the construction industry!

This is a reminder that the industry is extremely dangerous and that the employers of the workers killed in these incidents may only be fined minimally. In addition, the wireless service providers generating the work are rarely cited for these accidents! For example, in the case of Mike Rongey, a cell tower worker who was killed on the job in January of 2013, the state has levied a penalty of $450 against the company that employed him. The fine was for violation of telecommunications industry general safety rules, specifically for violating fall protection standards – that is, not providing fall protection.

The fine amount is determined by the type of violation involved, the number of employees in the company, how many employees were exposed to the hazard that cause the injury or death, and the employer’s violation history. “What caused the fall was equipment that was improperly installed not by WS Consulting & Construction, but by another company that is, according to Fischer, no longer in business. And neither Rongey’s employer nor the company that installed the faulty equipment owns or manages that cell tower or uses it to broadcast wireless signals.”

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